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The vanquish digital ballast line was released to the market nearly three years ago and was met with instant success. Because of the unique attention to detail and no compromise approach to manufacturing, Vanquish digital ballasts have already gained quite a large following in a short amount of time. The original creator of the line set out to offer a digital ballast with all the smart technology, features, and bulletproof reliability that is unmatched in the industry. With features like Sequential lamp firing, soft lamp dimming, near silent operation, splitter capable, and incredible low levels of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) allowing the vanquish line to be run  without fear of a knock on the door from neighbors or the cable company telling you that there seems to be a problem coming from your residence!  Another very important aspect of Vanquish is that the Digital line is all ETL/UL approved and is one of very few digital ballasts that passes the USA standards for FCC approval! Donít be fooled by fake FCC markings that are constantly stamped on lower end lighting units. Eliminate the worry and only settle for true USA FCC article 18 part A&B standards! Vanquish is FCC certified for use in commercial and residential settings and assures years of rock solid performance. When shopping for an item as important as a ballast for your grow room make sure you donít get fooled by imitations, ask for Vanquish and watch your investment return large high quality crops harvest after harvest!  

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